What comes first: brand design, website design, or SEO?

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Have you ever felt confused on what you should be prioritizing as a small business owner when it comes to design?

You know you need a logo, a website, a presence on social media, and a strategy. But do you need a full brand? Do you need to be paying for SEO? Do you need to be on every social media platform? How do you even begin to tackle these things? read more

Going Paperless Won’t Save the Planet

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Why an individualistic approach isn’t enough

Going paperless won’t save the planet. Neither will using reusable bags, sending less emails, choosing bamboo toothbrushes, or anything else that is on an individual level. This individualistic approach is a great way to deal with eco-anxiety, but it’s not a great way to make huge change.

Even if we all adopted these changes, we would still have issues. What about income inequality? What about systemic racism? What about lack of healthcare? What about the problems the climate crisis has already caused not only in wealthy nations but in poor countries as well? read more

What is a Green Web Designer?

Green Web Design

We’ve all heard it or some variation of it. “Go paperless, go green!” But, is it really that simple to be green? Can a green web designer even be an actual job title? It’s the digital world, it’s already green! ….Right?

Well, the web isn’t as green as we all think. In fact, data centers, those magical places that house hundreds of servers in which websites live on, consume enormous amounts of energy. And, those server parts had to be manufactured somewhere. This adds to many environmental and human rights issues. read more

How Green are MOO Business Cards?

MOO Business Cards

MOO is a popular choice for printing business cards. Heck, I printed my cards on their recycled cotton stock. But, how green are MOO business cards, actually? I did a deep dive into their paper stocks to find out! This included scouring MOO’s website, emailing MOO customer service, and researching the Mohawk papers MOO uses.

MOO’s paper stock options

MOO offers four different paper stocks for business cards: original, cotton, super, and luxe. Original is their least expensive option, cotton and super are in the middle, and luxe is their most expensive. Additionally, they offer a few other finish options. Design options for their super stock include gold foil, silver foil, spot gloss, and raised spot gloss. These options are inherently detrimental to the environment, but, more on that later. Aside from their super stock, MOO offers the option to add letterpress (a great green graphic design wow-factor) on their luxe cards. read more

Our Green Graphic Design Standards

At Blue Raspberry Design, we believe that graphic designers and web designers have accountabililty to our planet. For print, we do not believe that minimizing the carbon footprint of projects falls solely on the printers we partner with. The same goes for web hosting. It is our job to ensure a project is green from start to finish. To do this, these are the green graphic design and green web design standards we employ. read more