What is a Green Web Designer?

Green Web Design

We’ve all heard it or some variation of it. “Go paperless, go green!” But, is it really that simple to be green? Can a green web designer even be an actual job title? It’s the digital world, it’s already green! ….Right?

Well, the web isn’t as green as we all think. In fact, data centers, those magical places that house hundreds of servers in which websites live on, produce about 2% of the world’s carbon emissions. To put that in perspective, that’s equivalent to the carbon the airline industry produces! And, I don’t see anyone out there saying the airline industry is green and perfectly fine as it is. So, that same sense of urgency must apply to website design. read more

Our Green Graphic Design Standards

At Blue Raspberry Design, we believe that graphic designers and web designers have accountabililty to our planet. For print, we do not believe that minimizing the carbon footprint of projects falls solely on the printers we partner with. The same goes for web hosting. It is our job to ensure a project is green from start to finish. To do this, these are the green graphic design and green web design standards we employ. read more