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This is where the environmental consideration of your business starts for all of your marketing. We bring your values, goals, and mission to the forefront in your visual brand.

In branding with Blue Raspberry, we’ll talk strategy before we even start on your logo. This will solidify your target audience and make sure you’ll be able to connect with them immediately. Once the strategy is finalized, we’ll work together towards a logo, color palette, font system, and more that will resonate with those crucial demographics.

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“The entire branding process gave me greater confidence to tackle bigger ventures in the future.”

— Danielle R.

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Did you know that data centers, which house web sites, produce as much carbon as the airline industry? We often think digital = green but that’s not the case. Blue Raspberry specializes in eco-friendly, energy-efficient websites!

We start the process with your goals, work our way through a site structure, and outline the content before we begin the design process. This way, the design complements and showcases the content in the best way possible. Once the site is mapped out, we get our hands dirty in the code to create it as sustainably as possible.

Websites need to be kept up-to-date and secure, so website maintenance and upkeep services are available for all of our clients to ensure your website is always running smoothly without stress.

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Web Testimonial

“Amy is definitely your point person to get your next website project under way. She takes the time to learn about your business and how you want to share your business through your website.”

— Angela K.

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