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brand design

timeline: 5-6 weeks

investment: starts at $2,500 USD

A strategic, consistent, and sustainable brand gives your business credibility. Good brand design builds recognition, trust, and loyalty for your business.

In branding with Blue Raspberry, we bring your values, goals, and mission to life. We talk strategy before we even start on design. This will solidify your target audience and make sure you’ll be able to connect with them immediately. Once the strategy is finalized, we’ll work together towards a logo, color palette, font system, and more that will resonate with those crucial demographics.

Reyous Brand Collateral

a look at our process


“The entire branding process gave me greater confidence to tackle bigger ventures in the future.”

— Danielle R.

Hannah Joan Brand Collateral

what we deliver with your brand

Web Testimonial

“Through her design, Amy was able to capture my personality in a brand that is both timeless and professional. She provided me with all of the necessary tools to be successful.

— Hannah Joan

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