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People & planet & everything sweet

Pouring blue sugar on green brands since The National have been Easy to Find.

Design that sticks to your teeth

How many times have you felt boxed-in by your biz? Or told your dreams were a little too “out there”?

I’m here to tear you out of the “what’s expected” branding trap and cheer you toward gooey, can’t-take-my-eyes-off-of-you success.

Because when your brand tastes better than grandma’s homemade taffy, your most delectable clients are comin’ back for more.

And Blue Raspberry Design’s got all the right ingredients for making your brand recipe unforgettable.

Why go blue

Sustainability & giving a damn doesn’t have to be boring

When someone says sustainability, what comes to mind? And what about when you hear the words sustainable brand design – what pops into your brain?

When the “S” word gets a mention, people usually either: roll their eyes, start feeling anxious about the climate crisis, or imagine a long-haired hippy dude living off-grid. It’s hard to get the vibe right, isn’t it?

As for design,

if your brand values sustainability, you may have been led to believe you gotta fit yourself into a mold.

Not one of those fun, wacky jello molds that come in all shapes and sizes. But a plain, looks-like-every-other-sustainable-brand-out-there kinda mold. Boring.

That’s right. You guessed it – here’s where I come in. I’m coming to the sustainable “I give a shit” party, and I’m bringing the wacky, plant-based jello, every time.

If you’re into wacky jello, too, come nerd out with me.



It all starts with this. Change happens when we feel compassion for all living things.


Mother Earth deserves better. And your brand can be her advocate.


Fighting for what’s right, no matter what anyone else says.


Unapologetically wearing it on my sleeve all day, every day.

How i got here

Run, Amy, Run!

said the voice inside my head as, yet again, I sat crying into my keyboard. Just another day in the corporate design world.

After one too many tears, I finally worked up the courage to escape Sadness Inc. Leaving with my finger up at all the suits who insulted me for not being a “team player” just because I refused to bend to their bullshit.

Rule-breaker all the way

Instead of playing by their rules, or the rules of anyone else, I decided it was time to do things my way. With no back up plan, just a fuck-tonne of gumption, I founded Blue Raspberry Design.

A lot of people said I shouldn’t quit my job. And even more people told me my goals as a biz owner were unrealistic. They said no one would ever agree to my too-expensive planet-friendly policies. That saving the world was nice and everything, but impossible to make a living from.

Well, guess what? It’s those exact policies that set me apart from the rest.

Intersectionality or bust

But it went further. I was told to quit talking politics. To stick to design. No thanks.

Soon, my eco-friendly policies transformed into a responsibility to do what’s right by not just Mother Earth, but by people everywhere.

Compassion rules

Blue Raspberry Design at its core was founded on the principle of compassion. I believe compassion leads to kindness, kindness leads to respect, respect leads to a better and brighter future for everyone and every living thing.

It’s not a weakness. It’s a strength. And it sets my work – & heart – ablaze.

Dreamers do it best

If you’ve read this far, you might’ve already guessed – I’m here to have FUN.

But not only that – I want to help you thrive in your biz, and change the fucking world. If that makes me a dreamer or an idealist or naïve, then I don’t want to be anything else.

I’m still learning. all. the. damn. time. And I’ll never stop. Because we’ve got serious work to do.

Are your tastebuds tingling?

Hey, i’m amy!

Also known as:

  • Mental health advocate
  • Animal Crossing island bubble dweller
  • The gal that touches menus to find out what kind of paper they’re made from
  • Backpacker of the Ice Age Trail
  • That friend who will always split dessert!

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