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Graphic design, marketing, and businesses in general can create a lot of waste. We follow a few simple rules to ensure all printing is done sustainably and that we cut down on this waste as much as we can. We are conscious of where materials are sourced, how they are produced, and where they will end up at the end of their life cycle.

Not only do we focus on the planet, but we always try to choose pro-worker companies to work with. We favor union printers who pay their workers a living wage and treat them well. We always try to find a great printer that meets these standards local to your business in order to cut down on carbon emissions and to keep money in your local economy.

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“I loved how I was able to have my hands in some of the details. I never knew there were so many paper choices.”

— Danielle R.

green web design

green the web

Green web design, when you get right down to it, is good web design. It is design that keeps the planet and people in mind. Every website comes with its own carbon footprint.

On the server side, enormous amounts of energy are used to keep servers running at a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. On the user-side, everyone accessing your website is using different devices, internet speeds, and types of energy. Green web design focuses on both of these aspects to create a website that is accessible, efficient, and effective.

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“We feel confident and empowered knowing our website is now more aligned with and representative of our values.”

— Davey & Daphnah

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