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The Radicals

the radicals

the radicals

brand & identity system

The Radicals is a networking group focused on connecting and building businesses that have a focus on social justice as part of their mission.

This brand's essence combines the research side of issues with the compassionate and human side. This is done through a marriage of typography, symbolism, and photography. All messaging is bold and enticing to attract leaders and prospective members.

A brand strategy guide was created to go with the collateral and logos.

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Hannah Joan

hannah joan

hannah joan

branding & identity design

Hannah is a photographer and works in marketing. Her personal brand reflects who she is and elevated her confidence as she entered the professional world. This brand was created to work with her portfolio, resume, and with her photography. The logo system was designed to be fun, feminine, playful, and modern.

The main logo is her name stacked over the H monogram. For places that might not fit, the variation with her name on one line was created. To be even more versatile, an icon and two type marks were also created. This was then compiled into a style guide complete with a color palette and font system to give her guidance on how to use everything.

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Happy Hooks 'n Yarn

happy hooks

happy hooks

'n Yarn Brand & Packaging

Happy Hooks 'n Yarn is a handmade crochet and craft business. This brand was created to be one-of-a-kind to match their products all while being fun, cozy, and friendly.

In the logo, each part of the H represents the movement of a crochet hook with yarn. The dashed outline reflects the handmade quality and, when shown smaller, creates a fuzzy appearance similar to the texture of yarn. Along with the fun logo, bright and joyful colors and fonts were chosen to heighten the youth and emphasize the friendliness of the business.

Business cards and packaging for their final pieces were also created.

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